The East Bay Republican Women (EBRW) - formerly Piedmont Area Republican Women (PARW)

In October 2019, the Piedmont Area Republican Women Board and membership voted to change its name to the East Bay Republican Women to reflect the wider geographic boundaries of its membership. 

The Piedmont Area Republican Women Federated (PARW) was chartered in 1953 as a club affiliated with the California Federated Republican Women (CFRW) and the National Federated Republican Women (NFRW). 

EBRW meets several times a year to hear interesting speakers and stay informed regarding local Republican candidates and issues and policies requiring our support. Our club also provides volunteers for important local functions such as registering voters at events in our community, supporting post primary campaigns and the county precinct organization.  We connect our members with information on current local, state and national legislation.  We also work to identify and support local Republican candidates for elective office.

Membership in the EBRW offers association with Republican women in our community and helps women in the cause of good government. Our stated principles are that all Republican women have a political responsibility for and believe in ...

  • Honesty in the conduct of government
  • Efficiency in the conduct of government
  • Good character and intelligence of those who represent us
  • Preservation of the free enterprise system
  • Preservation of individual freedom
  • A sound economy based on capitalism
  • A strong and adequate national defense

Our meetings are announced through our mailed bulletins, email announcements and our website. Our annual dues are collected in January of each year. We do not meet during July and August.

Our affiliation with CFRW and the NFRW connects us to weekly email updates about legislation in the state capitol and in Washington. We also support these larger organizations for Federated Republican Women through projects for Americanism and literacy. Each spring in the month of May, members from clubs all over California visit Sacramento (or another designated city in California) for an Annual Advocacy Workshop to hear from our elected officials at the state capitol regarding pending legislation.

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